Ricardo James M.D.


"Each patient is unique and should be treated in a unique way"

Dr. Ricardo James has over 35 years of experience helping patients to resolve medical conditions. He began as a conventional Doctor, his growing interest in natural treatments led him in the following years, to join this field with two of the most widely known and respected pioneers, Dr. Harold Manner and Dr. Ray Evers, known as the father of the chelation therapy.

Dr. James is a great believer of preventive medicine, as a way of getting ahead of any health problem. He is always focused on going right to the root of the problem and not just treating the symptoms. One of the most important things about him is his constant follow up of the patients. This means that when the patients go home that does not mean that the end of the relationship between Dr. & patient is not broken, but they contact with him and the clinic every time they need anything and Dr. James and his staff follow the progress of the patient through the years.

His professional experience in treating cardiovascular diseases (hearth attack, atherosclerosis) degenerative diseases (arthritis, lupus), gastrointestinal diseases (hiatal hernia, IBS), cancer, among other conditions. His medical approach is using what is safe and effective with different therapies such as chelation, ozone using different modalities, detoxification, IV infusions with B17 and DMSO and anti-aging therapies.

Dr. James dedication and his advanced techniques, wide experience and philosophy have resulted in a lot of patients, referring him as an excellent doctor.


Procedures and Therapies are 100% natural, non-toxic, non-aggressive and without radiation in most cases, thus avoiding erroneous medical processes that usually are more harmful than beneficial. We are not against integrating some orthodox medical procedures, but we consider important to do it in the correct size and when they are really needed as part of an integrative medical process.


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At The Good Samaritan Medical Center, we do every day our best for the welfare and comfort of our patients. They get the indicated medical treatments, the best care, delicious and healthy food according to their needs, recreation areas, and especially an atmosphere of healing, hope and conviviality.

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